Buttons / Links

  • Drop-down menu from "PRODUCTS" button on top navigation bar - clickable buttons that lead you to product categories
  • Top - Customer service and other information about the site and our company through drop down button links
  • Footer - more customer service and company links
  • Embedded in individual pages - links about related products or topics

Sitemap - a complete list of all categories and products

Search Box - located at the top of the page. Enter a word or phrase and click on the icon to the right. You will be taken to a new screen with the results of your search.

Home page
The home page is mostly a seasonal summary of the site and a way to announce special offers and showcase new products. Virtually all of the important information you will need to navigate the site and purchase products can also be found on all the other pages you will visit

This site is arranged by categories (or departments) that group similar products in one group. These categories are listed in the series of buttons on the left of most pages that will direct you to the corresponding category when clicked. Once on the category page, you will see all of the products displayed. There may also be sub-categories(evident by links at the top of the products that include similar specialized products from within the category on a new page).

Category Page
Here you will see each product in the category displayed with a the product title, product image, pricing information, sale price information if applicable, and a customer reviiew summary image (stars). When you hover over any part this group, the image will fade and two new icons will appear - and "ADD TO CART" button and an "eye" icon. Clicking ADD TO CART will automatically add one of that product to your shopping cart and take you to the shopping cart page. Clicking (or hovering over) the eye icon will transfrom it to a "QUICK VIEW" icon which when clicked will pop-up a brief description of the product and give you another opportunity to add to cart .

Clicking on the image or the title of each product group will bring you to the product display page.

There is also a "breadcrumb" navigation link set at the top and bottom of every page.

Product Display Page
This is the main display page for the individual product. Here you will see the product name, a larger image and many other features that provide more information about the product. Some of the features will only be visible or active if there is content available for that feature (multiple images to view).

  • Product images - The image displayed on the page as you first see it best represents the product. For some products we offer multiple images that give more perspective on the products or highlight certain features. If there are multiple images available, small thumbnail images will appear to the right of the image. Clicking on the image will cause that thumbnail image to appear in the main display.
  • Zoom and enlarging image - For some products there will be the option of zooming in on the image by clicking it. If you would like to see the whole image enlarged, simply click on the image.
  • Reviews - Customers are welcome to write reviews about our products and they are posted here on the product page. The stars you see displayed are a summary average of all the reviews. Clicking on the stars will pop up a tab where you can read a summary of the reviews. All reviews are posted at the bottom of the page.
  • Price information - Here you will see the current price that will appear in the shopping basket if you purchase the product. If there is a discount from either the MSRP or our own price, you will see that comparison and the calculated savings.
  • Shipping included - Certain items are shipped directly form the manufacturer or by common carrier (truck) and shipping has already been included in the displayed price.
  • Product attributes - Here you can chose/add-on product options or choose attributes of the product (colors, sizes) if available. The new price will automatically be reflected in the product price above.
  • Quantity and Add to Cart - Here is where you can choose the quantity of the product and add it to you shopping basket by clicking the Add to Cart button. This will take you to the Shopping Basket page for review. You will be able to return to the product page by click the Continue Shopping button on the basket page.
  • Sharing and saving panel - The icons under the ADD TO CART button give you the opportunity to share the product with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google and by email.
  • Live Chat - Our live chat feature is a very convenient way to get more information about a product or the site. If live chat is active, you will see the button displayed. Clicking on it will open up a chat window to talk with a customer service representative.
  • Information section - This area holds most of the information we have on the product. Headings appear only if there is relevant information on the topic of the tab.
    • Description - The basic information about the product
    • Features
    • Manuals
    • Video
    • Specs - Technical specifications, dimensions, product code, etc.
    • Reviews